• Quessa birria tacos plate
  • Strawberry Margarita cocktail
  • Pulled Pork tacos

Alejandra's Mexican Cuisine

About us

Alejandra's Mexican Cuisine was established in 2005 by the Corona Family in a small town they call home, Northlake. Alejandra's is built on the foundation of a few simple ideas Fantastic Fun, Food, and Family. The ability to have fun and enjoy amazing Mexican Food and embrace it like a Family.

Our core values are what have brought us to create an authentic, original and flavorful menu of food and drinks. By using the oldest of the family's secret recipes and blending them with the new and modern Mexican concept Alejandra’s has become one of the most popular Mexican Restaurants in the suburbs.

From our famous Carne Asada dish to our original Cucumber and Horchata Martini Alejandra’s prides itself on creating its popularity through the most important form of marketing “word of mouth”. Alejandra’s continues to strive to give the highest quality of food, drinks and service while believing in constant self-improvement and reinvention.